Welcome to DekuTree's website! I'm glad you showed up, let me take you on a tour of what you will find here...

The blog is finally up! =D

I will have a list of all of the projects I'm currently working on at the moment! I can't garentee this will be updated often but feel free to check it out every once and a while.

Various links to social media (steam, github, discord, etc.) will be posted.

If I figure out how to do something useful I might occasionally share it on this site!

Occasionally I will start a web server or something on my VPS (Internet Radio Station, Web App, Game Server, etc.)

I have a discord server that I get on with a few of my freinds, feel free to join!




Below are various links to my social media:

Misc Projects

Here are some miscellaneous projects I'm currently working on!

Modular Synthesizer
I'm making a budget modular synthesizer from scratch! I'm calling it the "Triangulator" because it only generates triangle waves...

Cyber Security PSA
I'm making a PSA about cybersecurity for the digital filmmaking program! Check out their Vimeo page here

I'm always messing around with music production, I'm constantly trying to get better so this will be on here forever.

Web Projects

Below is a window into what is currently running on my VM...

Completed Projects

Here are some miscellaneous projects I'm currently working on!

This Website!
I'm pretty proud of this, my old website was just ok, but this is pretty nice!

I've made a lot of games in both Unity and Unreal, I don't think there is a single one that is finished.

At some point I might link my old songs here...


Below are links to tutorials on various things, this will probably be empty for a while...


Deku Tree Alliance [DTA]

This is the Deku Tree Alliance, just a group of freinds who get on discord and steam to play games!

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